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Welcome to Bennett PR! We’re a lively, results-driven Sydney-based communications agency dedicated to health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle publicity. From craft beer to boutique gyms, we’ve done it all – and we’ve landed our clients the coverage that counts.
At Bennett PR, we pride ourselves on seeking out every opportunity for clients to make an impact, whether that’s in print, digital, radio, TV, podcasts or social media. We go where your audience goes, and as the media landscape constantly evolves, we keep up so you don’t have to.

As experts in content marketing, influencer strategy, product placement, interactive events, social media, copywriting and digital strategy, our crafty PR toolkit ensures your brand will shine in all the right places.

You’ve got an amazing product or service, and the world needs to know it

We help your ideal customers discover why they can’t live without your brand. Here’s why our clients turn to us for their PR magic:

Lost in the crowd
Your product is all kinds of fantastic, but you need to cut through the competition. We’ll make sure you shine where your audience is looking. Get noticed, build trust, and watch your brand recognition grow.
Build influencer friendships
We’ve built rock-solid relationships with influencers and we’re pros at creating campaigns that make waves – paid or unpaid.
Elevate your brand message
Finding the right words can be tough, but we’re here to help! We craft messaging that’s not just compelling but engaging. Because building brand loyalty starts with the right conversation.
Your extension to your team
Navigating industry trends/ changes, media and influencer relationships, crisis management etc. can be a challenge if you don’t have someone with experience on your team. Outsource the heavy lifting to us.
We stay on top of industry changes, so you don’t have to.
We’re always in the know. The latest social platform, influencers of the moment, new publications, you name it – we’ve got our finger on the pulse. We’ll make sure your brand is part of the conversation.
Stay in the spotlight
Our team keeps you front and centre in the media. Stay relevant, stay talked about. If constant media love is what you crave, we’re your go-to.

Real results
We set our KPIs based on your goals, and we’re all about delivering results, not just fancy presentations.

We’re different. Get in touch and see for yourself.



Public Relations Strategy

Seasonal Campaigns

Key Message Development

Press Releases


Media Relations

Media Partnerships

Editorial Promotions

Media Training


Content Strategy Development

Content Creation

Content Amplification

Story Idea Generation



Thought Leadership


Event Management

Event Design And Styling

Product Launch

Brand Experiences

Invitation Design & Rsvp Management

Brand Activations

We engaged Britt for the Sydney launch of our app back in July and have continued to work with her ever since. Britt is incredibly efficient, professional and has a genuine passion for helping you achieve great results. She has strong relationships with the right people in the right places and a strong understanding of the media landscape. We have been so impressed with Britt and her team and we highly recommend working with her”

Sam Wood

28 by Sam Wood

We really enjoyed working with Brittany and her team on the launch of Fabio’s Aston James collection. Brittany is great to work with and has incredible media contacts. Fabio was featured on the key TV and radio stations multiple times and Brittany helped make it a fun & rewarding experience. We look forward to getting out to Australia once the world opens up again to do some live projects together.

Eric P. Ashenberg, Esq.

Ashenberg Law Group, P.C

Brittany is passionate and cares deeply about getting her clients the best coverage possible. She has the right relationships and isn't afraid to get creative or her hands dirty when the going gets tough. Her dedication is truly inspiring and we think of her as an extension of our team.

Ben Mactiernan

Growth for Vitruvian

Our Process

1. Get in Touch!

Send an email to and tell us about your brand and goals

2. Let’s Chat

We will set up a discovery call to learn more about you, explain what we do and suggest a game plan

3. Get Started

If you decide to work with us, we will draft up all the press material including a press release, pitch, PR plan and image folder for your approval

4. We do the heavy lifting

Leave it to us to put you and your brand in the media spotlight.

What makes Bennett PR Unique


We have really good relationships

PR is a mix of creativity and good relationships. We have both! We’ve been doing this for a long time, and over the years we have built brilliant relationships with journalists, influencers and brands.

We are the media go-to for experts
We are one of the top agencies in Australia for journalists to turn to when they require expert commentary.

We’re not just about media placements. Collaborations and events are part of our jam

Whether it’s print, digital, or social, BPR is all about creating meaningful connections. We’re pros at media events and love promoting consumer events like the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10&5K and the GABS Craft Beer Spectapular. Cheers to that!
We have no strings attached contracts
We get it, you don’t want to feel tied down. That’s why we roll month-to-month. We’re confident our skills will keep you coming back (budget willing!), so no six-month lock-ins here.
We’re all about the results
We’re committed to going the extra mile for our clients and journalists. We set clear KPIs from day one and are serious about hitting those targets.
We’re straight shooters
Honesty is our policy. If we’re not the right fit for your brand, we’ll tell you straight up. We won’t lead you on if we can’t deliver top-notch results.
We build industry icons
We’ve partnered with some of the coolest brands and brightest minds out there. Plus, we’ve helped start-ups soar to new heights and become industry icons.
We stay on top of trends
We stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with global industry trends. Our campaigns and strategies always feature the latest and greatest tools and techniques.

Expert Hub

Bennett PR are also behind the innovative Expert Hub platform, which is a service that connects experts who don’t require a full PR campaign directly with journalists to help boost their profile and SEO.

We also consult with brands and experts on an hourly basis and have an online PR and content marketing program to teach small business how to master their own PR.

The results were amazing

I was Britt’s first client when she launched her PR company and I have now been working with her for over 5 years. Britt has helped me boost my profile through features in publications including Men’s Health, Stellar, AFR, Executive Style, Men’s Style, OK!, WHO, Sunrise and more. She has also helped us bring some of our concepts to the forefront of the media including Flow After Dark, Nightclub Spin and Sofa2Surf.”- Ben Lucas, Founder and Director of Flow Athletic

A fabulous feature in Men’s Health

Working with Brittany has been awesome, Brittany gets wellness, is very connected and is super action-focused that enabled us to get some amazing results in the health and wellness media, including a fabulous feature in Men’s Health.” – Lawrence Mitchell- Chief Culture Officer at Sumo Salad

Case Studies


Who We’ve Worked With

Bennett PR has worked with many new and established brands and personalities, including, Flow Athletic, Sally Fitzgibbons, Aussie Sprouts, BFT, The Fast 800, GABS Craft Beer Festival, Mountain Culture Brewing Co, Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10K/5K, Step One, BSc, Sam Wood, Sumo Salad, Jessica Sepel, Joe Wicks, Tim Robards, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Rich Roll and Julie Piatt, Access Corporate, Soul Alive, and INTU WELLNESS, just to name a few.

Where Our Clients Are Featured

Our clients have appeared in key media outlets such as,, Sunrise, Mamamia, Marie Claire, Who Magazine, Body+Soul, 9Honey, Daily Mail, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Forbes, AFR

800 Guests

100 Media and Influencers in attendance


41 pieces of media coverage

91 pieces of media and influencer social media posts were recorded

Campaign included: Creating awareness with media coverage including TV, print, online, newspapers, radio, podcasts and magazines. Organising the vendors who showcased at the event, securing 100 Journalists and influencers to attend, organising gift bags and more.

110 pieces of coverage


Have been featured in major publications in Singapore, USA and UK as well

Creating awareness with media coverage including TV, print, online, newspapers, radio, podcasts, magazines, business and international publications for Vitruvian, the latest innovation in connected fitness that is taking on the likes of Peloton. Vitruvian has been featured in the Australian Financial Review,,, Esquire Singapore, Sky News to name a few.

85 Guests in attendance

107 pieces of media coverage in major outlets across a 4 month period

4 TV appearances through BPR

176 pieces of media and influencer social media posts were recorded

The media and influencer launch of the 28 App at an iconic location.

Creating and developing the 28 mummy blogger brunches and mum video content campaign

147 pieces of media coverage published in a 5 month period

3 TV appearances

Building Jess’s profile, building awareness of her business success, launching her app and vitamins, organising the JSHealth Vitamins influencer campaign and media breakfast.

200 Guests

80 Media and Influencers in attendance

44 pieces of media coverage

161 pieces of media and influencer social media posts were recorded

Campaign included: Creating awareness with media coverage including TV, print, online, newspapers, radio, podcasts and magazines. Running a pre-running workshop to generate hype before the event, inviting media and influencers to attend on the day, management of media ops for Guy and Jules Sebastian. Reorganising the media due to lockdowns changing the date from a winter to a summer event!

Hundreds of pieces of media coverage

We have worked with BFT since 2020 and have achieved hundreds of pieces of media coverage. Coverage has focused on business building, profile building, building awareness in the franchise space and consumer awareness. BFT has been featured on TV, print, online, newspapers, radio, podcasts and magazines.

186+ pieces of media coverage in 14 months

The campaign included: Creating awareness with media coverage including TV, print, online, newspapers, radio, podcasts and magazines. We have many angles with this brand, from their sustainability angle, to their founder story, partnerships, new product releases and more.

290 pieces of media coverage in two festival + Hottest 100 seasons

The campaign included: Creating awareness with media coverage including TV, print, online, newspapers, radio, podcasts and magazines. We work on the PR around the GABS Festival and the GABS Hottest 100. We even landed the Weekend Today weather segment, which gave us 15 minutes on air across 6 segments.

41 pieces of media coverage around their Hottest 100 win

Campaign included: Creating awareness about their Hottest 100 win with media coverage including TV, pre-running riot, online, newspapers, radio, podcasts and magazines. We also now work on their new product launches and business story.

3 month campaign

48 pieces of media coverage

2 x TV appearances and 5 x radio interviews

Campaign included: Creating awareness with media coverage including TV, print, online, newspapers, radio, podcasts and magazines. Promoting Fabio and his new range, promoting the benefits of the products, celebrity management.

10 month campaign

5 x TV appearances with The Fable worn by newsreaders and 50 x examples of The Fable worn by high-profile newsreaders, fashion influencers, corporate influencers and more

44 pieces of media coverage

Campaign included: Creating awareness of the #1 silk shirt in Australia through educational articles around styling, product placement, interviews with the founder, influencer seeding for content and more

6 month campaign

50 pieces of media coverage

The campaign included: Creating awareness of the McPhails success 2 years after they were nearly forced to close, sharing the family history of the brand, promoting new products, a media famil to Wangaratta

12 month campaign

120 pieces of media coverage

Campaign included: Educating the public about the Finspo App and how they can keep track and save money on their mortgages. Sharing tips for getting into the property market and saving



Brittany Bennett is the founder and director of Bennett PR. After years of refining her skills in agencies, Brittany launched her own PR firm in 2015 to align herself with the brands and experts she felt most passionate about. A publicist for more than a decade, Brittany has led successful campaigns across a wide range of industries and presented for the likes of Mumbrella, Filex and Fuel. Today, she is the go-to contact for journalists and leading media outlets seeking quality content, products and expert commentary.

In 2018, Brittany also founded the Expert Hub – a unique platform that allows experts to boost their profile and SEO by connecting directly with journalists. The company originally niched in health and fitness but has naturally branched out over the years.


About Our Services

What specific services do you offer?
We’re all about expert profiling and media placement across print, digital, TV, radio, podcasts, and social media. From paid and unpaid social media campaigns to brand collaborations and events, we’ve got you covered. Need content creation, writing, or brand strategy? We do that too and more!
Can you provide examples of successful campaigns you've managed for clients?
You bet! We’ve got some shining examples on our website, but if you want to see even more, just shoot us an email.
What's your approach to influencer marketing, and how do you measure its effectiveness?
It all comes down to your budget and goals. Whether you want influencers with a massive reach, or just user-generated content (UGC), we tailor our strategy to fit. Measuring success? That’s custom too – based on what matters most to you.
Do you handle crisis management?
Absolutely. We’ve got your back, no matter the industry. We’ll discuss the best approach with you before diving in.
How do you ensure the media coverage you secure aligns with your clients' brand values and marketing goals?
We only pitch your brand to relevant publications. We make sure every pitch fits your brand goals.
What are the typical results and metrics of success that your clients can expect when working with you?
PR is all about building brand awareness. We look at where your brand gets featured and the reach of those publications. While sales can indicate success, it’s more about consistent exposure. People need to see your brand a few times before they buy in. Market research on brand recognition post-campaign is also a good indicator.
How do you stay ahead of trends in health, wellness, and lifestyle to ensure your clients receive cutting-edge PR support?
We’re constantly evolving with industry changes. By keeping a close eye on what’s happening in Australia and globally, we spot new trends and innovations early, ensuring your PR is always ahead of the curve.
What are your billing practices, and are there different packages or retainer options available?
We’ve got two standard retainer packages, but we’re flexible. Need something tailored? No problem. As a boutique agency, we can adapt to your specific needs. We typically charge monthly from the start date of our engagement.